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RIB Rescue pride ourselves on offering experienced staff that take care in their work and provide very professional and tidy results. We are trusted by RIB dealers,marine trades, yacht clubs, government agencies hundreds of satisfied customers.


Take peace of mind with a pre purchase inspection report or ensure you a getting top dollar with the RIB Rescue “Buyers Checklist” before selling. Come past the workshop anytime for a free inspection.


Nobody can offer the same comprehensive list of in house complete refurbishment services as RIB Rescue. Ask about our ground up restoration projects, re tubing or just a simple polish and detail.

Recent Work

Leak identification and repair
RIB Rescue can thoroughly leak test your vessel and undertake professional repairs to anything from pin hole leaks to significant damage and tears. We use your boats colour scheme and general design to ensure our patch work looks as close to original features as possible.
Re-tubes Hypalon and PVC
RIB Rescue is the exclusive business partner in Australia for a number of the worlds best re-tube product suppliers. Whether your boat is PVC or Hypalon RIB Rescue can supply and install the best quality and most appropriate product for your boat. Our attention to material, design, features and colour scheme often means that in many cases we can offer a better product than the factory alternative. Our re-tubes come with a certificate of authenticity and come with a full warranty on material and fitting.
Detailing, stainless and trimming work
For some a RIB is just the tender and for others it is an extension of the quality and condition of the main vessel or themselves and their interests. Either way we can detail the entire boat including hull discolouration and also offer a range of suggestions to replace or upgrade fixtures and fittings.
Gelcoat and fibreglass repair
From small chips to cracks or holes and structural reinforcement, our workshop can look after your top coat repair and can get your boat looking like new again.
Complete re-furbishment or restoration projects
RIB Rescue can undertake complete refurbishment projects where our range of products and services gives us a one stop shop for all aspects of rescuing your RIB project regardless of size.
Remote and onsite work where allowable
Whilst tube repair work is sensitive to temperature and humidity, RIB Rescue can liaise with RIB owners anywhere to establish a work scope and repair process for your boat in remote and challenging locations including overseas.
Pre purchase inspections / pick up and deliver all areas.
Take piece of mind when buying your RIB with a pre purchase inspection. We see and repair all brands and do not sell or promote any one brand of our own like other repairers which makes us the only workshop to be able to give honest advice independent to a particular brand.
Flexishield – exclusive applicators of flexible coating system for RIB’s
RIB Rescue have proven the success or using our exclusive and patented flexible paint process to protect and rejuvenate RIB collars. We breathe new life into faded or damaged Hypalon, PVC, PU, rubber, vinyls and sailcloth.

Our Valued Business Partners


Why a RIB?
RIB’s have been built and marketed in Europe and the US for over 40 years but have really become hugely popular in the last 15 to 20 years. In Australia we are just catching up but will see the same rise in demand as they become more well known for the ride comfort, versatility, ease of use. RIB’s are also especially dry boats and normally allow for a greater carrying capacity than the regular boat equivalent.
Why RIB Rescue?
RIB Rescue was established after identifying a need in Western Australia for a much higher standard of repair workmanship, greater range of services and unbiased technical information. RIB Rescue are the only independent RIB repair workshop in WA and have the largest range of in-house repair, maintenance and upgrade solutions available. We are often commended for our communication and relationships with our customers.
Hypalon vs PVC
Hypalon or what is technically known as CSM material is rubber/neoprene based and is far more resistant the elements and chemicals than PVC. Some very good PVC products exist and there are also products to help protect or rejuvenate PVC but for longevity and durability Hypalon is a much better product. PVC allows for faster and cheaper production of the tube component.
Vessel and tube design
Small but significant design features can make a huge difference to the performance and durability of your RIB. Why do some have a high bow, why do some have fibreglass cone ends and is it ok to tie off on cleats mounted to the tube? Call RIB Rescue for advice on what to look for and what to be wary of when buying a new or second hand RIB.
Buying tips
Pre purchase inspections are the very best way to get the best value for money from your RIB investment. We can tell you what to look for, some of the known pitfalls or advantages of the different brands and sizes of RIB.
Selling tips
We like to get as much as we can when selling something but ultimately boat owners are an honest lot and like to make sure they are not passing on a lemon. Through our total refurbishment experience, learn what improvements are going to make the most difference to your resell value and get you a top dollar.
How to care for your RIB
A lot of damage can be done with excessive cleaning of the tubes and cleaning with harsh solvents or cutting agents. All the solutions that gets the tubes the cleanest fast is normally also very bad for the layers of fabric and adhesive and will shorten the life of the tubes drastically. Learn how to keep your RIB in good condition for the long term.
Re-tube procedure
RIB Rescue can meet with you at your boat to discuss the re-tube process, show you samples and images and select colours and features. Owners should look at re-tubing as an investment in the boat that will return significant value if done with the right advice and skill. Ask us for a testimonial or example of a re-tube.

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